BMI Laser "Autocross"

  • Model: YABMI-ALDM Series
  • Manufactured by: BMI

BMI "Autocross" Laser Level

  • Autocross series: 1)Horizontal plane for floors, ceilings. 2) Adjustment on cross. 3) Setting up wall coverings, partitions. 4) Adjusting Structures. 5) Setting angles
  • Autocross 2 series: 1) Self-Leveling Mechanism eliminates set up time and guarantees accuracy using a magnetically subdued pendulum. 2) Automatic out of line sensing by blinking laser beam 3) Locked line angle feature allows you to take unit out of self-leveling mode and lock line in place allowing you to set unit at any angle. 4) Multipurpose attachment accessory with strong magnets, tripod mount and straps: set up 45 degree angles on all lines and rotate 360 degree.  


Model No. Description Type Size
YABMI-ALDM10 BMI Laser "Autocross", 10M Vertical & Horizontal Line Laser Distance Measure 10M
YABMI-ALDM10S BMI Laser "Autocross", 10M Vertical & Horizontal Line Set Laser Distance Measure 10M
YABMI-A2LDM10S BMI Laser "Autocross 2", 10M Vertical & Horizontal Line Set Laser Distance Measure 10M


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