OREX Spray Gun

  • Model: YAOR-C01 Series
  • Manufactured by: OREX

OREX Spray Gun

  • 4 different types of sizes 
Model No. Description Type Size
YAOR-C01-F75S OREX Spray Gun F75S - 1.5MM x 750ML Spray Gun 1.5MM x 750ML
YAOR-C01-F75S-20 OREX Navita Spray Gun F75S - 2.0MM x 750ML Spray Gun 2.0MM x 750ML
YAOR-C01-K3-05 OREX Gravity Spray Gun 0.5MM x 200ML Spray Gun 0.5MM x 200ML
YAOR-C01-K75G-10 OREX Gravity Spray Gun 1.0MM x 400ML Spray Gun 1.0MM x 400ML
YAOR-C01-NA130-03 OREX Navita Artist Spray Gun 0.3MM Artist Spray Gun 0.3MM


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